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Rich Nickel

A Good Pour: Rich & Heather

Rich and Heather came to stay with us in late August. After some client visits and lots of brainstorming, Seth and I took them to Rosie Food and Wine where I asked them the Good Pour questions while we drank a good pour or two. I hope you enjoy reading their answers. 

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Courtney Mosely

A Good Pour: Dr. Courtney Mosely

Meet Courtney Mosely, a doctor and founder of Music City Health. She has a heart for your wellness. She asks, “how can I help” and says, “tell me more.” And she really wants to know.

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Jenna Hunter

A Good Pour: Jenna Hunter

Jenna Hunter opens up immediately and speaks her mind, and that mind is intelligent and strategic. Sit and talk for a while; hear her stories and opinions – she’ll make you laugh and think, I promise.

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Sarah Pasco

A Good Pour: Sarah Pasco

Sarah is one of those people that sparkles. Yes, you might assume that it is all the salt she is around. That might help, but I believe she is just salt-of-the-earth, full of life and light.

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A Good Pour: Erik Thornton

In March, I went to my first Gallatin Chamber meeting. I didn’t know it then, but I had sat at the cool kids’ table. Why? Because Erik Thorton was also at the table and was sitting right beside me.

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jennifer perry a good pour

A Good Pour: Jennifer Perry

Meet Jennifer. She goes against the grain. She does what is best for her and those she loves. She’s brave and bold, and I hope to work with her in some way for years.

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KendallHall Hendersonville good pour

A Good Pour: Kendall Hall

When you say something, Kendall is listening; when she says something, it is thought over and purposeful. You can see her kind soul in her eyes, and we are lucky to have her here.

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