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A Good Pour: Toby Ellis

Toby enjoys getting to know people and truly wants to know what is going on in the lives of others. He’ll help you solve any problem, and positivity will pour out of him the entire way.

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A Good Pour: Mauricio Sanchez

“If you had met me 15 years ago, you wouldn’t have liked me.” This is the statement that caused me to sit back down after a solid hour of good conversation learning about Mauricio back in December when we had our Good Pour.

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Desneige VanCleve Good Pour

A Good Pour: Desneige VanCleve

Desneige experienced a need as a child and then saw the overwhelming need in Sumner County. From that point forward, she answered a call to obedience from the Lord, and we have all witnessed the fruit.

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A Good Pour: Erin Birch

Erin is a rock in her family, friend groups, church, and our larger community. She expects fairness and demands that we improve in how we care for those around us. She is a bold force and a caring friend, and I have no doubt we are getting ready to help her do big things in this community.

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A Good Pour: Richard Suter

Richard Suter – how lucky are we to lucky to know his talent, see his light, and hear his hope? He’s a high-energy experience ALL the time with the constant mission to love others. And we all benefit.

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Kori Langford Hendersonville A Good Pour

A Good Pour: Kori Langford

Our community got lucky four years ago when Kori created Myer’s Front Porch, a restaurant designed to have locally-sourced, healthy options that are nitrate-free and as fresh as possible, plus incredibly yummy treats.

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