Let's Build

Our job is to build a Marketing Machine and then help you hire the people, use the software, run the processes, and set the goals that power your marketing. Once the engine is running, we check in regularly for maintenance, but the machine is yours to run. No ongoing large retainer, no feeling of uncontrol, no concern about what is going on with your marketing. However, we are always here to tune up the machine, train a new staff member, or build out a new strategy. You are empowered to run your marketing but have a support system if needed.

The 4 Phases


Let’s figure out who you are, what you do, and how marketing will help you help others.


Let’s build out custom systems that will be your marketing machine. ​


Let’s develop processes so your team can do more of the marketing that works.


Your team and machine are created and empowered to work. We are here to help and inspire.

why build a marketing machine?

Every business is different. Some companies need to spend more time using a specific marketing channel. Why? Because that channel is working. Developing a marketing machine allows you to know what works so you can do more of it.

Why spend time, money, and energy on a marketing channel if you don’t know how it is helping your business? Developing a marketing machine gives you confidence that you are spending money on the proper channels for your business.

Often, we see a good start to the marketing funnel, but everything leaks out because procedures aren’t followed and roles aren’t clear. Developing a marketing machine gives you clear systems of who is doing what, when it should happen, and most importantly, why.

Day-to-day marketing functions are best handled internally. It is essential in today’s engagement and transparent culture for marketing and communications to be active and immediate. Developing a marketing machine allows you to hire specific people to do particular functions, with support, training, and encouragement when needed from us.

Once your machine is in place, you can get back to doing what you do best. Developing this engine gives you the peace of mind to trust your team and processes. Plus, you can stop worrying about the next great marketing trend and if it will work for you. We’ll do that for you.

Want to know more? Download our full machine outline below. 

How Our Talents Can Help You

Know What to Do

We Can Help With…

Audience Definition
Core Messaging
Brand Development
Marketing Strategy

Know How To Do It

We Can Help With…

Website Design
Social Media
Email Marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Gain Capcity

We Can Help With…

Marketing Process Development
Goal Tracking
Team Development & Training
Software & Vendor Management

Why Build With Us?

In the last 20 years, we’ve seen marketing tactics come and go, but Kathryn’s approach has not changed. She believes in purposeful engagement to targeted audiences and continuous improvement to traffic, conversion, and revenue. This approach has helped her move a catalog business to an e-commerce business, establish and run a digital marketing agency, create a national brand and e-commerce store, and much more. As a marketing consultant, she loves offering business leaders fresh perspectives, expanded capacity, new ideas, and team training. It’s an honor to partner with businesses, so they are confident in their marketing efforts. 

Bottom line, so many of the small businesses, nonprofits, and corporations she has helped over the last 20 years are still running the marketing machines she created YEARS after I’ve left. Let’s build yours.