KG’s 3Qs for May

At the beginning of each month, I pick 3Qs – a question, a quote, and a random Q – that I enjoyed or pondered over during the previous month. Here are KG’s 3Qs for May:


How did we get so busy already? 

I’m sorry, but did we just use our heads to hit some box in the sky that gave us quick speed mode (and hopefully a lot of gold coins). I swear I was complaining about an empty calendar just weeks ago and now we are totally booked up again. It almost feels normal, and I love it, and I absolutely hate it.

The pandemic (once I got used to it) allowed me the time to read more, have more family dinners, touch base with friends, and spend time in prayer. I get frustrated that I haven’t been able to keep those things at the same levels as we’ve added back activities, went back to in-person school, added back sports, and started a new business. But a wise friend reminded me that the pandemic was time for filling. All that time that we spent having fun with family, experiencing lots of downtime for hobbies, and spending time with God was filling. That fill-up provides us the fuel to hit this new, busy season and draw from the wells we built during the slow season. This is ok for a season, especially a season of transition, but we can’t forget to fill back up by making sure to have quality time with family, friends, and God. The pandemic taught me that slow seasons and fill-ups are essential. I hope we can remember some of the silver linings that the pandemic granted us.



“That’s the crazy miracle that is love. The more you pour out, the more you have to pour.” – Charles Martin, The Water Keeper

My word of the year is “pour.” This quote from Charles Martin’s new book became my iPhone wallpaper in May, and I haven’t even read the book yet. It’s the truth I have been realizing and remembering over and over this year.


Random Q: 


I love getting to build this business, but I’m first and foremost a mom to my two children. This month, they completed 6th and 8th grades. I love watching them grow, but man, it sure goes quickly.  Another year is gone, and this school year may be the craziest of them all. I wrote the following on social media and want to post it here as well…

The craziest school year ever is over.

Thank you, teachers, for going. You went into your classrooms and taught knowing the risk. The coughs and sneezes of our children are always annoying and gross, but this year, they were plain scary. Still, you went. You figured out new ways to teach. You kept going and going and going. You worried and cared and did the best you could. 

Thank you, parents, for staying. You stayed home to work in an overcrowded house or on congested Wi-Fi. You stayed up at night worrying, and you stayed aware of forever-changing schedules. You asked questions, checked grades, and advocated for your child; you stayed involved. You worried and cared and did the best you could. 

Thank you, students, for trying. You went to school. You stayed home. You went to school. You quarantined. You went to school. You quarantined again and again. You tried to learn wherever we asked you, and you tried not to complain. You missed big trips, milestone moments, and everyday activities, and you tried not to complain. You worried and cared and did the best you could. 

We worried. We cared. We did the best we could. And, along the way, maybe we all learned a few lessons about: 

  • handling disappointment
  • having patience
  • cooperating with others
  • showing kindness
  • extending grace



And, maybe those will be some of the best lessons of all. The craziest school year ever is over. Thank God!


May 2021, you were busy and quick, but full and fun. I’m ready for the summer schedule and some downtime with my kids.