KG’s 3Qs for April

At the beginning of each month, I pick 3Qs – a question, a quote, and a random Q – that I enjoyed or pondered over during the previous month. Here are KG’s 3Qs for April:


What did you do on a Saturday when you were 9? 

One of my favorite podcasts is That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs. A few weeks ago, she had Sally Lloyd-Jones, the author of one of my very favorite children’s books – the Jesus Storybook Bible – on her show. As they discussed how Sally started her career, Sally said, “whatever you loved to do when you were about six, before you became who you thought everyone wanted you to be … look back to what you loved … and it will clue you into something very true about you that you must have in your life.” Annie followed with the question she uses during her fun coaching: “What did you do on a Saturday when you were nine?”

Their conversation got me thinking about the things I enjoyed as a child. I remember starting a neighborhood sticker club in my treehouse (of which I, of course, deemed myself president). Trading unique pencils, bright stickers, and fun papers was my jam. (Sanrio or Lisa Frank, anyone?) I loved cutting out letters and photos from magazines to create collages. New school projects that involved reading, researching, and writing were exciting. I remember sitting in my closet trying to put feelings to paper in the form of poetry, and I hate that I tossed most of them.

Last week, as I was organizing an upstairs storage room to become my new office, I found my old journalism portfolio. In it, I rediscovered old newspapers, yearbooks, and literary magazines. It was a gift to remember that I’ve loved writing stories, communicating with people, developing creative projects, and leading teams since very early in high school. How cool to be reminded that the things I enjoyed during childhood were the foundation of my high school and college hobbies and the springboard of a career I still love.

Sometimes we need reminders to ask ourselves if we are still doing the things we were created to enjoy.

What did you love to do when you were a child?


“When we are crushed like grapes, we cannot think of the wine we will become. The sorrow overwhelms us, makes us throw ourselves on the ground, facedown, and sweat drops of blood. Then we need to be reminded that our cup of sorrow is also our cup of joy and that one day we will be able to taste the joy as fully as we now taste the sorrow.” – Henri Nouwen


“God, He made four seasons and only one’s spring.” – Chris Renzema, Let the Ground Reset 

I’ve been studying sowing and harvesting and for some time now. After a long winter season, I’m finally feeling springtime and experiencing little shoots of growth. It’s easy to want to turn those sprouts into full vines and large trees. Several things such as this Henri Nouwen quote and this Chris Renzema lyric helped me remember that it’s not time for full harvest or full joy, but it is coming.


Random Q: 

Quarantine over

With vaccinations complete for most of my friends and family, the world seemed to finally open up in April 2021. We finally gathered in church for Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and again for my daughter’s confirmation.  I got to go on a girls’ trip that had been canceled the year prior. The business world seemed to open back up with people willing to schedule in-person meetings rather than zooms. In fact, I attended the most beautiful luncheon for a local nonprofit called Grace Place that gathered more than 600 people in the room. What seemed impossible months prior was made possible thanks to many prayers answered and many vaccines developed. 


April 2021, I’m thankful for you.