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jennifer perry a good pour

A Good Pour: Jennifer Perry

Meet Jennifer. She goes against the grain. She does what is best for her and those she loves. She’s brave and bold, and I hope to work with her in some way for years.

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KendallHall Hendersonville good pour

A Good Pour: Kendall Hall

When you say something, Kendall is listening; when she says something, it is thought over and purposeful. You can see her kind soul in her eyes, and we are lucky to have her here.

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A Good Pour: Emma Wiggleton

Emma will be doing a little writing here on the blog over the next year to help her get some experience with the blogging and social media worlds. So, I wanted to take the time to introduce her…

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Karen Mitchell a Good Pour

A Good Pour: Karen Mitchell

I have several conversations with Brenda over the years, and with each, I’ve received wisdom and inspiration. I knew right away that I wanted her to be one of my first “Good Pours.”

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spring lessons

4Good: Spring 2021

4 Things Good For Me Mind: I’ve been having racial healing conversations in my town. I’m learning so much and grateful for an opportunity to

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