A Good Pour: Toby Ellis

Meet Toby

Toby Ellis was born and raised in Robertson County but attended Vol State and has lived his entire adult life in Sumner County with his wife Anita, who he married in 1988. The couple picked Portland because it is a reasonable distance between their families.

In Portland, they raised their two boys – Houston, a student at Western Kentucky, and Vince, who now lives in Portland with his wife, Lindsey. Anita just retired after 30 years with Sumner County schools – 30 years!

Toby has spent his entire career in asphalt and concrete. From his dad owning a paving company to managing crews for Rogers Group to owning a traffic control consulting business to now consulting with Southern Site Contractors, he has made it his business to know roads. His next step in his career is campaigning to become the next Roads Superintendent for Sumner County.

For fun and relaxation, Toby woodworks. His best friend has a woodworking shop, so they’ll go to the shop to discuss life while creating a wooden bowl or a table. And let me tell you, these pieces are gorgeous. But don’t go looking to buy one because he only makes them to give to his loved ones – lucky folks!

Toby enjoys getting to know people and truly wants to know what is going on in the lives of others. He’ll help you solve any problem, and positivity will pour out of him the entire way. Both of his parents died from Alzheimer’s disease, and he says it made him a better person because he now focuses more on the important things. What are important things to him? He says anything  he can do to invest in other people. Spend five minutes with Toby, and you’ll see this in action for sure.


What is helping him right now? 

  • His wife, Nita: Toby says that she is his rock and the finish line of every day. They lean on each other and are each other’s best friends. 

What is an organization or cause near and dear to his heart?

  • Backpack Ministry: He and Nita help pack 150 bags of food for kids in Sumner County every week through this program that makes sure kids who may not have food to eat on the weekends can eat.

  • First Baptist Portland: Toby and a group of buddies from the church help build handicap ramps for people in need

What is a movie, television show, podcast, writer, song, etc., to add The Good List?

  • The Mentalist; he likes figuring out the plot. (Toby said he grew up with three channels and now that he has 300, he still just watches 3. He will watch Hallmark with Nita even though he can predict that plot from the first few minutes.)

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Toby – You are a sweetheart, and I’m grateful to know you! Good luck with your campaign. Thanks for joining me for A Good Pour. – KG