A Good Pour: Lucy Dugger

Meet Lucy Dugger with The Loaf Bar, a small batch bakery specializing in mini loaves of bread.

Lucy connected with me in January over Instagram during one of the snow days when she realized we lived in the same neighborhood. We decided to have coffee in early February, and I’m so behind in posting about it.

She started backing cookies years ago to connect with her kids. That turned into a small business in California because these adorable loaves make outstanding gifts for clients, family, and friends. So if you are routinely giving out treats or gifts, she might be a source for you!

Lucy, her husband, and her two kids moved here in 2020 from California. Yes,in the middle of Covid and before the entire state of CA moved here. She and her husband met in the Navy, and I know we are all grateful for their service.

I loved talking to her about Sumner County history and all that our area could be. She is ready to get involved in her new community and help this area thrive.

Lucy calls herself an introvert, but she has created a business by reaching out to people over Instagram to see if she can help deliver happiness and yumminess to their clients. She reached out to me similarly just to have coffee, and I’m glad she did because I now have a new friend in my neighborhood!

Please welcome Lucy and The Loaf Bar to Sumner County!

Lucy – So glad we are neighbors! I’m looking forward to getting together for coffee and loaf of bread soon. – KG