A Good Pour: Kate Ullery

Meet Kate Ullery

Kate was born in Ohio and moved to Gallatin when she was seven. She went on to attend Hendersonville High School. Since then, Kate married her husband Will, and they raised three children in our beautiful county. She is in the current Leadership Gallatin class. 

When Kate and I met for coffee, she told me that she had applied to be the first-ever historic director for the Historic Rose Mont Preservation Foundation. She was so excited about working in a Sumner County nonprofit. I’ve followed up with her a few times since we met, and I’m glad to say that she got the job! Please follow Rose Mont on Facebook to learn more about everything this beautiful Sumner County treasure has to offer. 

My favorite thing Kate said during our coffee: “I like to see behind the curtain. We miss things when we don’t look.” TRUTH!

If you can’t tell from reading this, Kate is an excellent listener who likes to hang out with people and make this world happier. Go see her at Rose Mont and become her newest friend. 

What is helping her right now? 

  • This awesome community

  • Keeping positive

  • Grabbing coffee with friends

  • Asking for what she needs – she knows her weaknesses and asks for help

What is an organization or cause near and dear to her heart?

  • Shalom Zone

  • Unlimited Potential

  • She loves community centers and anytime organizations and groups of people can come together to work for the betterment of the whole.

What is a movie, television show, podcast, writer, song, etc., to add The Good List?

  • Anything enneagram, especially Sleeping at Last

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Kate – Thankful to have you in my circle of strong women. Even more thankful you are serving Sumner County in your new role.  Thanks for joining me for A Good Pour. – KG