A Good Pour: Jennifer Perry

A Good Pour is a series of good conversations with good people. It is inspired by the 100 Cups Academy with the awesome Jason Elkins through the very helpful TN Small Business Development Center at Vol State. Learn more at https://100cups.coffee/.


A Good Pour with Jennifer Perry

How I Know Jennifer

Jennifer and I met when we both went through Leadership Sumner in 2018. She is one of those people who knows who she is and what is good for her. She’s confident and smart and asks the best questions. While Jason Elkins created the 100 Cups program, I think Jennifer helped make it famous in Sumner County. Through the program, she increased her network and her business and started writing for the local paper. Jason often uses her success story in his program, so even though she is done her 100 Cups, she continues to inspire people to grow relationships through planned coffee conversations.  

Jennifer and I actually got together twice to chat. The first time, we met at Stompin’ Grounds, and I just picked her brain the entire time about her lessons learned from her 100 cups. When we didn’t get to the actual Good Pour questions, we planned to meet sometime in June for drinks. I always intended for “A Good Pour” to include drinks other than coffee sometimes, and I’m glad I got to have coffee AND cocktails with Jennifer. 

If you know Jennifer, you know she has chosen some big life changes in the past year. She left her job as branch manager of US Bank Hendersonville during the middle of the pandemic to spend more time with her children. She also “Marie Kondo’ed Facebook,” as she puts it, because it wasn’t bringing her joy. Jennifer goes against the grain. She does what is best for her and those she loves. She’s brave and bold, and I hope to work with her in some way for years.

Jennifer’s Sumner Story

Jennifer and her husband, Dustin, moved to Hendersonville in 2008, purchased a farm in Portland in 2010 (complete with horses), and returned to Hendersonville in 2017. They have two children, Madison and Cooper, and Dustin owns and operates Roof Doctors, LLC, a Nashville-based roofing company. Fun fact: originally, Jennifer was a music business graduate from MTSU, and sometimes you’ll find her karaoking at Jollie Ollies.  

Her favorite thing about Sumner County is that you can drive 10 minutes from anywhere and be in the middle of nowhere. She adds that it is a great place to raise a family. 

What is helping you right now? 

During the past several months, Jennifer has spent some time shaping her friend circle. She realizes that the type of people her family chooses to surround themselves with matters. This reminds me of Jim Rohn’s famous saying that you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Jennifer says, “As parents, who we hang around is important for our kids. So I want to choose friends who have the characteristics of people we want to be like.”  

See… I love this intentional thinking and actions that come from knowing who you are and what is good for you.

What is an organization or cause near and dear to your heart?

Right now, Jennifer is very active in her kids’ school. She also has a passion for helping small businesses. 

What is a movie, television show, podcast, writer, song, etc., that you think should be added to The Good List?

  1. Dolly Parton’s America podcast
  2. America’s Doctor: The Dr. Oz Podcast
  3. Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead by Sheryl Sandberg
  4. Almost Famous 
  5. Forrest Gump


 (Read more from The Good List.)


What marketing question do you have for me?

Roof Doctors LLC has this adorable commercial that features their smallest roofer, Cooper (Jennifer and Dustin’s son). This commercial has been so popular that people call the business asking to speak with Cooper. So Jennifer is wondering how to take this a bit further. Here are a few suggestions from me: 

1. Roofer Cooper has a nice ring to it. Brand that boy. Ha!

2. Post a weekly video on social media (casual iPhone video is just fine) where Cooper answers a question that the business often receives. 

3. Keep a collection of Roofer Cooper FAQ videos on YouTube, optimized for the Nashville area and roofing keywords. Then embed these using a blog function on the website and include the video transcript for search engine optimization. 

Bonus: Selfie Lessons from Jennifer

Since Jennifer completed 100 Cups of Coffee, I asked her for her best selfie tips. Taking the photo is the only part of these pours that I don’t love. I have short arms, and honestly, it can be awkward to take a selfie with a new friend. Here are her tips: 

1. Look at a window for lighting purposes.

2. Tell the other person where to look, so you are both looking in the same direction.

3. Stand on the right if you are right-handed, so it is easier to push the button. 

Jennifer – Thanks for sharing all your lessons learned from having coffee with 100 people. Looking forward to working with you soon!  – KG