A Good Pour: Jenna Hunter

A Good Pour is a series of good conversations with good people. It is inspired by the 100 Cups Academy with the awesome Jason Elkins through the very helpful TN Small Business Development Center at Vol State. Learn more at https://100cups.coffee/.


A Good Pour with Jenna Hunter

How I Know Jenna

I met Jenna at a ladies’ luncheon sponsored by the fabulous Anna Cook this past February. I remember laughing at her jokes and being inspired by her boldness. Then, this summer, Jennifer Perry recommended her for A Good Pour, so Jenna and I met up at Stompin’ Grounds in Hendersonville a few weeks ago. Since then, we’ve been in a few meetings and on lots of texts together for the Sumner Preservation Foundation, where she is vice president, and I’m volunteering some marketing time.

I feel like Jenna is one of those people who can tell the biggest stories and keep the smallest secrets. Trust is a big deal for her, but she enters the conversation assuming you are trustworthy. She opens up immediately and speaks her mind, and that mind is intelligent and strategic. Sit and talk for a while; hear her stories and opinions – she’ll make you laugh and think, I promise.

Her Sumner Story

Jenna is a lifelong Summer County resident and a graduate of Hendersonville High School and Middle Tennesse State University. She is a renaissance woman and a master of trades as she has been in retail, hospitality, home care, and elder law and has been a personal trainer, ballroom dance instructor, and horse trainer. Jenna has parked herself in sales and marketing for the last several years and is currently the sales and business development director at Mason & Associates. She and her husband, Rodd, have two kids, ages five and seven, and she is due with their third in October.

Her favorite parts of Sumner County are our excellent schools, and that you can be shopping at Target or sitting on a farm in 10 minutes. She is proud that we’ve been able to keep our small-town feel and sense of community despite our fast growth.

She serves our community well by being on several boards, including the Preservation Foundation, Gallatin Chamber of Commerce, and the Geriatric Council of Sumner County.

A few favorite things Jenna said during our conversation:

– “You’ll only get better if you work together.”

– “Get to know people in the same industry. Learn to trust them. We all need backup in the overflow.”

– “There is always something to learn. Always.”

What is helping her right now? 

  • Renovating her new home; she needs a creative outlet

Jenna Hunter A Good Pour Hendersonville

What is an organization or cause near and dear to her heart?

She has a heart for the preservation of this beautiful county. Preservation for her means a balance between growth and green space.

What is a movie, television show, podcast, writer, song, etc., to add The Good List?

  • Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap…And Others Don’t by Jim Collins
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change by Stephen Covey
Fun Fact: Jenna used to lead company training sessions for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and The 8th Habit. 


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Jenna – So glad we met and get to work together for this community. Love your heart and your energy for people. – KG