A Good Pour: Dr. Courtney Mosely

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A Good Pour with Dr. Courtney Mosely

How I Know Courtney

I’ve only known Courtney for a few months, and I still barely know her, but she has become a favorite person, and here are five reasons:

  • She went to Clemson University, my dad’s alma mater, and the team I cheered for during my childhood. TIGERS!
  • She has been to South of the Border in South Carolina. If you know, you know. If you don’t know, don’t worry about it.
  • She posts Bible verses almost every day on social media. If I miss opening the Bible App in the morning, I can count on Courtney to have me covered. 
  • She has a genuine heart for our health. In fact, she helped heal a dear friend of mine by figuring out the  foods that were causing her inflammation and acid reflux, thereby preventing a major surgery. Courtney played a significant part in answering a big prayer.  
  • She asks, “how can I help” and says, “tell me more.” And she really wants to know. Rare, right?

Her Sumner Story

Courtney grew up in Dillon, South Carolina. She went on to graduate from Clemson University and Sherman College of Chiropractic. She met her husband, Justin, during a chiropractic conference in 2009 in Orlando, Florida. Justin, a native of Goodlettsville, and Courtney settled here in 2010, and the two doctors started Music City Health Center in 2012. The practice is located in Hendersonville and has been experiencing crazy growth. Justin has since become a successful mindset coach called The Mindset Doctor. He travels the country speaking, and encourages and inspires others to “Exchange Your Comfort For Your Calling.”  He was recently invited to speak on the prestigious TEDx stage (details coming soon).  

Dr. Courtney is a huge advocate of chiropractic adjustments because they help you to heal and function better. Everyone needs that. She says that regular chiropractic care for the entire family is one of the most important things you can do for your health. “Keeping Families Healthy” is her mission! Music City Health Center also specializes in gut restoration, women’s hormone health, and holistic nutrition. She says that SO many health issues including hormone disturbances, thyroid dysfunctions, and autoimmune diseases can be effected by gut imbalance, yet the traditional medical approach does not address these because they do not address the cause. That’s why we are here, to get to the root cause and make a plan. 

So… I had to ask Courtney two additional questions, and I bet you might be wondering the same:

What are a few surprising foods that people have food sensitivities to?

  1. Chicken eggs
  2. Baker’s yeast (makes dough rise)
  3. Brewer’s yeast (basically all alcohol)
  4. Tomatoes
  5. Cow’s milk
If you have a “cheat meal,” how do indulge?
She picked a totally loaded baked potato, skin and all. 

Music City Health operates with attention to God, family, and wellness, and Dr. Courtney embodies each of those things. Music City Health Center’s mission is to help people reach their full health potential so they can live the abundant life that God created them to live. 

What is helping her right now? 

Courtney has a hammock in her backyard that allows her to get away from everything and spend still time with God. She says that spending 15 minutes in this hammock per day gives her rest and allows her to press reset, and the practice has changed her life. Sweet peace! 

What is an organization or cause near and dear to her heart?

She admits that she has chosen work over volunteer work, but she is working in her cause every day – making sure people feel their best. She recently developed a new love for the nonprofit world by serving on the United Way healthcare allocation committee. 

What is a movie, television show, podcast, writer, song, etc., to add The Good List?


(Read more from The Good List.)

What’s a marketing question for me?

Should a business be represented with personal information such as headshot as profile pic, personal updates, hobbies, etc.?

This is an excellent question, and it is really about building a business or personal brand. To answer this, ask yourself these two questions: 


  1. Is your name included in the business name? 
  2. Are you the only primary staff member? 


If you answered no to both of these questions, I would build a business brand rather than a personal brand. While an owner’s personality can and should set the values and culture, the business should have its own brand to focus on how the business helps clients, offer behind the scenes of the office, and showcase employees. 


That said, Courtney has the personality and knowledge to build her own brand outside of Music City Health, and I encouraged her to give it a try one day when she has more time. Building a personal brand in addition to a business brand can be helpful to individuals looking to become a speaker, writer, or general expert in a subject matter.

Courtney – You love God and People so well. Thank you for wanting to help us all live our best, fullest lives. – KG