A Good Pour: Brian Homra

How I Know Brian

I didn’t know officially know Brian at all until last week. But we connected on LinkedIn several months ago, and he has been a big supporter of Good Pour posts over on that channel, so I already thought a lot of him before we met. Brian was recommended for A Good Pour by Amanda Foster, and after we had said Good Pour, he has officially become a friend I want in my corner. Why? I’ve already witnessed the type of friend he is to others.


Brian’s Sumner Story

Originally from West Tennessee, Brian moved to Sumner County in 2007. He married his wife, Anna, in 2008, and she serves as a school teacher in Sumner County Schools. Brian and Anna have an adopted daughter named Isla, and she basically has stardust or candlelight or something shiny in her eyes. I mean, he showed me several photos, and she simply sparkles. She’s beautiful and adorable, and he will have his hands full in 10 years. 

Brian has been a financial advisor with Edward Jones in Hendersonville for seven years. Given the number of times he has taken Isla to Disney on a work reward trip, I would say he is pretty darn good at his job. I have many friends in the financial industry, but I rarely talk to them about wealth management. (My husband Seth handles these things.) So I asked Brian what makes him different. Brian says he makes it his business to make sure he knows about his client’s life events. On the flip side, Brian wants to make sure his clients understand the decisions he is making with their money. Brian says that everyone thinks that picking suitable investments is the most valuable part of his job. However, he says that he could argue that it is the least important. His worth comes from knowing his clients, listening and knowing what’s important to them, helping them achieve their goals, and developing lasting friendships with them. 

Brain bragged on his teammate Stephanie several times and mentioned that she holds one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the country. I found out later that Brian does as well, but he credited her first. That tells me a lot about his character. 

Ok, warning, I am going off on a side note for a bit. The reason Amanda first mentioned Brian to me is that they are in an accountability group together. I’ve thought about this concept a lot since Amanda and I met this summer, so I spent some time asking Brian about how their group came together.

Several years ago, Brian asked several people to gather to discuss personal and business goals. A few members came and went for a while until it settled on Brian and three women (really smart women at that – lucky him). They started by answering several questions each time they gathered. Those questions were:

Since we last met, 

  1. What have you done for yourself?
  2. What have you done for your business?
  3. What have you done for someone else? How did that action help that person? How did it help you?

Over time, the group has naturally become less formal and more friendship-based. I was lucky enough to join Brian, Amanda, and the rest of their group last week during one of their breakfast meetings to observe their meeting. They obviously have relationships full of trust. Yes, they are a source of lead generation for each other, but that isn’t what is important. The support and outside perspectives they gain from gathering together are what’s so meaningful and valuable to each of them. And, they have each other’s backs. 

Brian challenged me with an idea, and I’m tossing it around. But for now, I’m wondering, are you missing accountability? Do you need a way to reconnect to others? I’m curious how everyone is feeling and if there is something we can do about it. Shoot me an email and let me know. 

What is helping him right now? 

The Waffle House dates he has with his daughter most Saturday mornings.

What is an organization or cause near and dear to his heart?

Grace Place Ministries

What is a movie, television show, podcast, writer, song, etc., to add The Good List?

  • Nate Bargatze 

(Read more from The Good List.)


In honor of Thanksgiving month, I’m asking two different questions: 

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Fried turkey and dressing 

What’s something on your gratitude list this year that wasn’t on it last year? 

Close relationships that kept him focused on what is important this year

Brian – I’m so glad to have met you and look forward to getting to know you more. Thanks for connecting people, encouraging people, and making people laugh. – KG

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