4Good: Winter 2021

4 Things That Are Good For Me

Mind: Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times by Katherine May – I so needed to sit in the idea of wintering this year. We have seasons of the weather, and we have seasons in our lives. We can’t expect every day to be full of growth and goodness. We must rest and recover. I’m so grateful for this book that gave words to the many emotions I felt after a job loss.

Body: I finally cashed in several gift certificates for massages. One was two years old. I was glad I hadn’t made the time earlier; I needed them during this season.

Heart: I needed people a whole lot this season. I needed to talk through my feelings, celebrate possible new beginnings, and sit with me in the in-between.

Soul: Beginning in January, I began reading a Psalm in the morning, reciting the Lord’s Prayer at Noon, and practicing the Prayer of Examen at night. Bridgetown Church recommended these practices, and I cherished the ritual and the reflection.

4 “The Good List” Submissions

  • Pantsuit Politics Podcast
  • Graves Into Gardens Song by Elevation Worship
  • Kave at House of Haggai
  • Ted Lasso Television Series

4 Good Lessons

  1. The things that bring us to tears should also bring us to our knees in gratitude. I loved being back at the Ryman.
  2. Letting go of what’s dead makes room for what is growing.
  3. Harvest is not always time. Learn from the amaryllis.
  4. Sometimes the smallest details are the biggest gifts. Thanks, Clara.