4Good: Spring 2021

4 Things Good For Me

Mind: I’ve been having racial healing conversations in my town. I’m learning so much and grateful for an opportunity to break out of my bubble. We must listen if we want to get better, and prayer with people that aren’t like you is powerful.

Body: I’ve loved taking the Rock & Ride Indoor Cycling class at my gym, Organic Fitness Factory.

Heart: My husband and I have been ending most evenings by sitting on our front porch with a glass of wine. The conversation is heart-filling.

Soul: After completing several Lenten studies, I picked up Katie Davis Major’s weekly devotional study. I’ve followed her for years and adore her writing. If you are looking for a way to get into scripture daily, give this a try. I love the way we read from four different parts of the Bible Monday through Thursday, but then she wraps it up on Friday by speaking to the character of God by connecting all four readings.

4 “The Good List” Submissions

4 Good Lessons

  1. In busy times of growth, it may seem like God isn’t there. He seems so present in the valley and even at the top of the mountain, but during the climb, when there is work to be done, it can be hard to see Him. Gratitude and humility have been my answers. He’s the reason I’m climbing.
  2. Going back is good. There are good reminders of how God used your past to shape your future.
  3. The best lessons come from the hardest times.
  4. I’m learning, again and again, to ask for what I need. If I say it out loud or write it in my prayer journal, it’s a real ask. I’ve put it out there. It’s an opportunity for God to answer a prayer, show me a different way, or use someone else to show me He is listening.