KG’s 3Qs: February 2021

At the beginning of each month, I pick 3Qs – a question, a quote, and a random Q – that I enjoyed or pondered over during the previous month.

February is usually one of my favorite months, and this year gave me a good one. The kids went back to school full-time (Praise the Lord). We had a beautiful, long snow followed by gorgeous spring weather the following week. My family planned a few potential vacations (fingers crossed). I sent out my very first proposals for this new business. 

So here are KG’s 3Qs for February:


How can I celebrate Black History all year?

I started the month with goals to complete a Be the Bridge training and finish reading Just Mercy. I did both of those things, and they each led to heartache and more questions. The anguish should be felt all year long. The questions should be asked and answered all year long. That is my responsibility. I’m committing to learning more about Black history in my neighborhood and city. I may live in a bubble, but I can find ways to bust out every month of the year, not just Black History Month.   


“Something about memory. It takes you back to where you were and lets you just be there for a time.”

Jacqueline Woodson, Red at the Bone

This quote is from one of my February books, but it resonated for me as a theme of the month. February for me this year was about going back. From celebrating my birthday to working on digitizing all my parents’ photos to getting to return to a holy place from my teenage years (Windy Gap), it was good to go back. We must go back to go forward sometimes, and it was a gift to take a few unplanned trips back to old memories.

Random Q: Quick Reset

“I need a quick reset.”

Between lots of celebrations and too many snow days, it was very easy to get out of my routines. I think I wrote, “I need a reset” weekly in my journal. I was reminded that it’s helpful to have a few tasks that you always get done to feel somewhat productive, even on the off days. Here are a few quick resets that worked for me in February:

  • Making my bed every day. I’m a military brat, so making my bed has been a habit since childhood. It’s one of my favorite practices because I can get something done right away and feel productive.

  • Praying the Lord’s Prayer at noon. I have an alarm on my phone for noon, and the goal is to stop what I am doing and pray. I like it because it resets and recenters my heart and mind to God in a quick but meaningful way.

  • Working Out. When I finally got back to the gym after a week of snow and ice, it was exactly the reset I needed. It reminded me that moving my body is always a reset.

  • Sleep. Sometimes when we are out of whack and can’t get back in order, we just need to sleep. On a recent episode of Brene Brown’s podcast, she said, “Sleep is basically self-respect.” Amen.


Thanks for reading February’s 3Qs. Welcome, March!